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Computers & Internet: Kineo predicts growth in open source e-learning and provides free insights

Kineo predicts growth in open source e-learning and provides free insights

Open source technology is becoming a common term even outside of more technical conversations, providing alternative models for everything from browsers to standard office applications. But what does it mean for e-learning? As the e-learning market wakes up to open source, Kineo launches a new series of briefings on how open source and e-learning are intersecting - focusing first on the potential of Moodle to become the world’s favourite LMS.

[ClickPress, Sun Dec 03 2006] The e-learning industry is becoming increasingly attuned to the potential of open source. A US commentator has issued an open source e-learning report (although is charging for it), and it’s a serious discussion topic at conferences from Online Educa in Berlin to TechLearn in the US.

Kineo, the leading rapid e-learning company, has long advocated the use of open source tools and technologies in the context of e-learning. In a new resource, available for free on Kineo’s website. Kineo highlights some of the open source tools that can be harnessed for open source e-learning. Among these, Kineo provides an overview of eXe, an open source e-learning authoring too, and of Moodle’s functionality and potential for management and tracking of e-learning.

Kineo’s managing partner, Steve Rayson, commented: “As advocates of open-source e-learning, we advise anyone embarking on e-learning development and deployment to think open source. This can range from using eXe, a simple but effective open source authoring tool, to Audacity, another great open-source tool for podcast editing.

“In the LMS space, we have been hugely impressed with Moodle’s offering. We embrace the open source spirit in which Moodle has been, and continues to be developed. We have provided customised Moodle installations for several of our clients, giving it a look and feel bespoke to their organisations. We would urge anyone considering a commercial LMS to give an open source option such as Moodle serious consideration first.”

An outline of Moodle, along with overviews of several other open source tools for e-learning, and access to a moodle demo site, are available in the new and constantly evolving open source section on the Kineo website at

You can learn more about the services Kineo can provide to maximise the potential of open source tools at Kineo’s Rapid E-learning Store:

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Kineo is a leading rapid e-learning consultancy focused on accelerating performance through rapid e-learning.

Our services include: consultancy on how to incorporate rapid e-learning into organisations, rapid e-learning development to deliver effective e-learning in as little as three weeks, rapid capability building to bring design and development skills into teams, and rapid e-learning support services and hosting. Founded in November 2005 by Matthew Fox, Mark Harrison, Steve Rayson and Stephen Walsh, Kineo is a limited liability partnership with offices in Brighton. Our client list includes six FTSE 100 companies and some of the best public sector and voluntary organisations in the UK.

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