If You've Worked With Asbestos, Then Fentons Solicitors Advise You To Have Your Health Checked Now

From: Fentons LLP
Published: Tue Jun 01 2010

The Health and Safety Executive estimated that as many as three thousand UK employees die each year as a result of contracting asbestos related diseases at work. Clearly, this substance produces effects far more threatening than a mild cough, and it is most important for both victims and their loved ones to be aware that compensation is available. Companies such as Fentons Solicitors have represented victims of asbestos diseases for many years, doing their utmost to secure full compensation.

As it is not unusual for asbestos related diseases to become life-threateningly symptomatic after retirement, many people may be inclined to put the debilitating illnesses down to ailing general health or personal misfortune. But minute asbestos particles inhaled in the workplace will usually have been causing cumulative damage within respiratory tissues, invisibly and over many years, long before sufferers seek medical attention.

Asbestos was originally called the "magic mineral" and was massively utilised in industrial settings, exposing huge numbers of employees to its dangerous dust long before it was identified as a hazardous material. All types of asbestos are now known to be exceeding dangerous to health, with blue and brown asbestos being the most hazardous of all. Tiny fibres, invisible to the naked eye, become lodged in the linings of the respiratory tract when breathed in, and remain latent for many years, sometimes erupting into life threatening illnesses several decades after inhalation.

Mesothelioma is perhaps the most serious and debilitating of the asbestos related illnesses, and is a cancer which progressively rigidifies the delicate lining between the lungs and the chest wall. It frequently does not manifest for 30 years after original inhalation and, sadly, is frequently terminal by the time a firm diagnosis is made. Sufferers of this and any other asbestos-related diseases urgently require sound and expert legal advice on compensation, as soon as a diagnosis has been confirmed.

Companies such as Fentons Solicitors have years of experience and expertise in representing asbestos-related claims, and approach newly diagnosed clients or grieving loved ones with the utmost sensitivity during what is invariably a traumatic and distressing time. They will steer you toward full compensation from those who exposed you to the risk, as well as toward benefit entitlements, such as Industrial Disablement Benefit from the Department of Work and Pensions (Benefits Agency). Additionally, Fentons’ legal experts can advise on your entitlement to a lump sum payment, which may run to several thousand pounds, under the Pneumoconiosis (Workers Compensation) Act 1979 Scheme. If you are suffering with an asbestos related illness, it might not be too late.

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