Pitney Bowes offers integrated product suite for transactional print-to-mail applications

From: Pitney Bowes
Published: Tue Jun 01 2010

Pitney Bowes, mail and messaging technology specialist, has teamed up with Objectif Lune, a leader in PostScript and Windows-based printing solutions and workflow software, to introduce integrated print-to-mail solutions for the cut-sheet office environment.

These new solutions provide document composition, variable data printing, and postal savings, with a Print-to-Mail workflow that includes email, fax, and other electronic delivery options. The printing solutions transform customer-facing, transactional documents, such as statements and invoices, into high quality, engaging trans-promotional and promotional communications with no changes to the host system.

The integrated product suite includes Objectif Lune's PlanetPressSuite with a new Scan, Code Utility that enables the automatic insertion of model-specific Pitney Bowes compatible bar codes and Optical Mark Recognition (OMR). This ensures that customers gain the peace of mind that documents of variable length can be automatically inserted through an intelligent folder and inserter interface. This means the right contents reach the correct destination first time.

PlanetPress Suite enables the easy creation and printing of transactional, promotional and transpromotional documents. The suite also offers advanced automated distribution and workflow management capabilities. Documents created with the PlanetPress Suite can be printed, archived, emailed and/or faxed as a part of a comprehensive customer communications management solution. Conditional text, business graphics and images can be incorporated based upon information contained within the data stream that is optimized for high speed printing. Targeted, customer specific marketing messages can also be added to cross-sell related products or services.

PlanetPress will also help organisations save money on postage through the ability to combine multiple documents for the same recipient into a single envelope. The optional address cleansing module will eliminate wasted postage by removing duplicates and non-current addresses from a print and mail file. Documents can even be sorted into post code order prior to printing. This ensures that mail is presented to the carrier in compliance with postal workshare products such as Mailsort from the Royal Mail.

Phil Hutchison, Tactical Marketing Director, Pitney Bowes stated: "Today's mailers are looking for document management solutions that can help provide enhanced data printing opportunities and greater postal savings. Our collaboration with Objectif Lune will offer customers an integrated product suite for the cut sheet office environment that can help maximize envelope contents and marketing efforts while reducing overall postage spent."

Didier Gombert, President and CEO of Objectif Lune stated: "All companies print transaction documents that end up in the mailstream, invoices and statements being good examples. Many companies do not consider mail discounts and postal automation due to perceived complexity or cost. This strategic relationship and the combined technology brings within reach of most companies; significant cost savings and workflow automation with a compelling ROI. Print to mail is now a reality for all."

The combined solutions are now available from Pitney Bowes.

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