RiveDrill Riveter Drill Attachment from S-B Group Now Carried By Two Major Distributors

From: S-B Group
Published: Wed Jun 02 2010

Grainger Industrial Supply recently began selling the RiveDrill riveter attachment from S-B Industries. This patented drill attachment easily converts cordless, electric and pneumatic drills into blind rivet guns. This new development is in addition to S-B Industries’ longstanding relationship with McMaster-Carr.

"The RiveDrill makes riveting easy for anybody who owns a drill," said Michael Mervis, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for S-B Group. "Now that RiveDrill is carried by both McMaster-Carr and Grainger is a testament to the usability of the product. And it is now more readily available to help professionals and DIY workers rivet more efficiently."

The RiveDrill doubles the number of rivets that can be set compared to using a standard hand tool. An attachment to almost any standard drill, it can set up to 14 rivets per minute. And because the RiveDrill requires just 6.6 pounds of pressure to operate, as opposed to 77.2 pounds of pressure for hand tools, it is more ergonomically friendly.

"The feedback we get about the RiveDrill is consistently about how easy the tool is to use, and how it also is much more comfortable to use than standard hand tool riveters. If you have ever set rivets with a manual lever style tool, your hands will appreciate the difference. The two elements combined have made the RiveDrill the riveting tool of choice for industries such as automotive aftermarket, small aircraft and boat repair, residential and commercial construction and general facility and repair," said Mervis.

The RiveDrill can be inserted into a 3/8" reversible cordless or corded power drill just as any standard drill bit would be inserted. Model RT120HP can set up to ¼" aluminum (3/16" steel) while model RT110 can set up to 3/16" aluminum (5/32" steel). The shank of the rivet is expelled when the drill is operated in reverse mode.

There are three models of the RiveDrill. The RT120HP is designed for heavy duty blind rivets and retails at $129.00. The RT110 works for standard blind rivets and retails for $62. And the NT850 is the NutDrill for rivet nuts and retails for $249.00. All three versions can be purchased online at http://www.s-bgroup.com/lobster/rivedrill.html or from Grainger or McMaster-Carr.

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