Ecostructure Financial to Provide No-Cost Coaching and Financial Services to Ecological Entrepreneur

From: Ecostructure Financial
Published: Mon Jun 27 2005

Moscow, Idaho -- Ecostructure Financial announced today it will begin providing business coaching and financial development services to ecological entrepreneurs at no cost.
"As a lifelong ecological entrepreneur, what I've most wanted are good free advice and access to capital. Now we are fulfilling my dream to provide this for others who are passionate about the biosphere," said founder Mark Winstein.

Winstein estimates there are 2000 to 4000 ecological entrepreneurs worldwide developing for-profit business strategies to deal with global ecological challenges such as climate change, water quality, open space, declining fisheries and farmland, and loss of native habitat and species.

"How can we help this many environmental leaders for free?" asks Winstein. "By selling subscriptions to our online newsletter The Ecological Finance Review to people who want to see these green entrepreneurs succeed."

The newsletter is Ecostructure's first mass market ecological product. The cost of a subscription starts at just $1 per month. Using advanced strategies, the company can provide meaningful coaching and assistance to 100 promising eco-preneurs for every $2000 the company earns monthly from newsletter subscriptions.

For more information, please visit or contact Lisa Allenbach at 208-882-8858.

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