At Hand Productions silences all rumors of hidden meaning in its emblem.

From: At Hand Productions, Inc.
Published: Mon Jun 27 2005

A company’s emblem says what the company is about. Many emblems are simple in design and meaning. Yet every once in a while a company’s logo will stand, such as At Hand Productions’ logo. Since At Hand Productions debut of its company emblem over a month ago, it has been garnering attention from many individuals and companies.

Many companies design their logo in the attempts to present some portion of their company with the logo. For example, McDonalds has an arch that represents the letter "M" in their company name. Contrary to this practice other companies use a simple image to represent their company. Nike, Rebbok, and MSN all use a simple image to identify their company within consumer markets. At Hand Productions emblem in some respects follows the latter and not the former when presenting its image to consumers. What separates itself from other competitors is the boldness and depth that is utilized. With such a detailed design as At Hand Productions’ emblem, one is left to wonder if there is some kind of hidden meaning or value within this emblem.

When one sees At Hand Productions’ emblem, it can be best described in three sections. At the top of the emblem, is a two point crown. To the south of the crown is a three sided arrow pointed down. In between the crown and arrow are interwoven lines that connect and support the crown and arrow.

Although one can find some information on At Hand Productions emblem, but when asked, Andrew Hanna, CEO and Production Manager of At Hand Productions, he replied, ‘Well there really is not too much more information or hidden meaning on the emblem. It is what it is. In previous reports and interviews about At Hand Productions emblem, I pretty much described all the meaning of it that was known at that time. Some people are in so interested in the emblem that even ask if it has any Masonic connections, I’ve told several that there are no such connections. Lately, I’ve gotten a chuckle out of some of the questions and conjectures about the emblem.’

In other reports, Hanna describes At Hand Productions’ emblem in terms of a combination of Chinese and Celtic symbols and principles. So at this time this is where At Hand Productions emblem stands.

At Hand Productions officially began in January 2005 with its earliest origins dating back several years subsequent. It has set out to bring concerts and theatrical events to its audiences. Many of At Hand Productions' performances are designed by CEO and producer Andrew Hanna. Some of Hanna’s more known pieces include ‘Prophecies of War’, ‘Values’, and ‘My Journal’. At Hand Productions is unique for its use of collective arts to portray its themes. In ‘Prophecies of War’, one will hear progressive rock, fusion, and spoken word. Along with these musical elements, ‘Prophecies of War’ uses video to give further depth to the production. ‘My Journal’, like ‘Prophecies of War’, uses much of the same elements, but unlike ‘Prophecies of War’, ‘My Journal’ incorporates movement and speech into the scheme. Furthermore, ‘My Journal’ uses an orchestra to create the musical atmosphere.

Interested persons are encouraged to go to At Hand Productions’ website ( to find out more about At Hand Productions and its repertoire. Furthermore, production companies and other interested persons can directly contact At Hand Productions concerning rentals and buying materials for their company.
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