Radarspot liberates your mobile phone

With the mobile address book as a starting point, Swedish company Radarspot is launching a new mobile service which transforms the average mobile phone into a powerful, cost efficient unit for free-of-charge and operator independent mobile communication.

[ClickPress, Thu Dec 07 2006] The Radarspot application is completely free of charge and simple to download to your mobile phone. Shortly after the launch of the first version, Radarspot already has users in more than 100 countries.

The first version of Radarspot includes automatic backup of the mobile address book, automatic supply of news bulletins to the mobile phone, incredibly inexpensive text messaging as an alternative to SMS, and a service for Instant Messaging (IM) connected to the popular MSN Messenger. 71% of the world’s consumers of IM use MSN Messenger.

Niklas Kviselius, CEO Radarspot AB comments:

“The mobile address book is the starting point for all mobile communication. Its huge potential has not been taken advantage of until now, and therefore Radarspot’s mission is to develop and supply smart and independent functions in order to liberate today’s mobile phone users from expensive commitments, and to let them fully make use of the potential in modern powerful mobile phones”.

“IM-services often involve commitments to mobile phone operators. With Radarspot, anyone can now use these popular services free of charge.”

“If the pricing of SMS would apply to data traffic in Sweden, 1MB would cost approximately 630 USD. How many would accept that from their PC?”

The Radarspot concept builds on technology that connects the computer with the mobile phone in a way which makes the mobile phone user completely platform independent, and enables the user to, via their mobile phone, remotely control a powerful server connected to the Internet.

Radarspot continuously develops and adds new functions to the core service which has now been launched. Examples: Automatic peer-to-peer synchronization of the mobile address book, IP-telephony, and the possibility for so called “m-commerce”, that is, purchasing products and services directly through the mobile phone.

About Radarspot AB:
Radarspot AB is a Swedish company founded in 2005. Based on the unexploited potential of the mobile address book, Radarspot focuses on creating a series of services which make the mobile phone a more powerful tool. Radarspot AB offers consumers the possibility to utilize the full capacity of their mobile phones without having to be dependent on a specific operator or manufacturer. Furthermore, Radarspot AB creates a new opportunity for market communication, distribution, and payment transactions for companies interested in the mobile channel. Radarspot AB is located in Stockholm and is owned by the founders, employees, and venture capitalist firm Deseven.

Pictures and press material can be obtained from www.radarspot.com.

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