UKIP Woking question councils tax payer funded PC magazine.

UKIP Woking today questioned the level of political correctness being force fed to Wokings residents, after the councils tax payer funded propaganda exercise enraged Christians, by choosing a picture of a Muslim lady in full Islamic dress as the front cover of it's magazine.

[ClickPress, Thu Dec 07 2006] Residents of Woking bombarded the council with complaints, after the towns Christmas edition was hijacked by the politically correct council, trying to force feed people it's brand of multiculturalism.

Matt Davies of UKIP made the following statement.

"Woking has become a great example of how a multiracial society can work well, but this decision shows a blatant disregard to the Christian faith in Woking, of which many people belong.

Why is the council trying to ram multiculturalism down peoples throats at this time of year? Would you expect symbols of Christianity to be rammed down Muslim people throats at Ramadan?

It seems to us, that once again Woking council is misusing tax payers money to try and score some cheap politically correct points, timed to perfection to cause the maxi,um offence to the Towns Christians. Woking has been a shining example of how we can all get along, but this kind of behavior could well jeopardise that!

We are also appalled at the local papers calling the reaction from upset Christians "Extremist". It seems to us that some faiths are now seen as more equal than others, and that while we have to show sensitivity to some, others are now fair game to be mocked, IE the majority faith.

UKIP believe that a multiracial society can work fine, but this constant pressure to accept multiculturalism is beginning to cause a lot of resentment. Certainly a tax payer funded magazine should show a lot more sense at this time of year!

UKIP are also opposed to the huge amount of resources wasted on these glossy propaganda booklets, that come on top of the reams of junk mail the council send out over the year.

This council keeps telling us to be more green, yet it wastes tax payer money on biased, unwanted propaganda, that gets thrown straight into the recycle bin, wasting more energy and resources in itself!"

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