FDA Meets On Drug-Eluting Stents

The FDA met today on the emerging problems related to drug-eluting stents.

[ClickPress, Thu Dec 07 2006] The FDA met today on the emerging problems related to drug-eluting stents.

The World Congress of Cardiology, many leading cardiologists and independent studies have concluded that drug-eluting stents may actually cause additional blood clots, rather than helping keep heart arteries open.

Drug-eluting stents have been widely used since their introduction in 2003 with more than 4 million patients having received such devices.

Some estimate that these stents may cause up to 4,500 new heart attacks per year, including 2,000 fatalities.

One solution proposed by some physicians is to increase their patient’s use of the anti-blood clotting medication, Plavix. In some patients, however, Plavix may itself lead to complications such as bleeding and strokes.

“Surgery to replace these stents is very risky and has left many doctors understandably concerned about the safety of their patients” states attorney Brian Goldstein. Goldstein is an attorney who is a former Board Certified Surgeon and heads up the mass tort department at The Barnes Firm.

The Barnes Firm has handled many drug and product defect cases and represents thousands of clients across the United States. “Pharmaceutical drug and product litigation is a complex field ", comments Goldstein, "and it is often difficult for a patient to understand the facts."

If you or a loved one has a drug-eluting stent and would like more information, please visit The Barnes Firm website at www.TheBarnesFirm.com and go to Practice Areas, Defective Products. If you have suffered an injury from a Drug Eluding Stent, please call Mr. Goldstein at 1-800-483-2050.

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