Hiring Expert Introduces the “5 Hiring Best Practices” for Every Small Business

The most costly issue for small business owners today is “low productivity” followed closely by “selecting employees.” These are the five hiring best practices to solve both of these problems.

[ClickPress, Fri Dec 08 2006] Finding and hiring productive employees has remained the most difficult goal to achieve in small business for years. New research shows the companies that succeed in hiring great people all use strategies that struggling companies have failed to try.

Grant D. Robinson, President of People Values and the Author of the Market Leadership System, has just introduced the 5 hiring best practices of every market leader. The list and description of these best practices can be found at HiringBestPractices.com.

“Productive people are usually the only difference between a profitable and struggling company,” says Robinson. “The businesses that have continued to grow, always employ great people. Their counterparts have continued to hire poor performers with the antiquated process of using just resume, interview and instinct alone.”

In a time where almost three of four employees will fail to meet their employer’s expectations in the first year, it is important to remove “luck” from the hiring process. Many of the study companies using the five best practices have improved their odds of hiring a top performer the first time to over 75 percent. They have also improved customer service, increased sales, cut turnover rates and lowered payroll costs.

Visitors to the website can download free guides on how to create legal job descriptions, ask better interview questions and how to actively recruit motivated candidates. The site also contains a link to view Robinson’s 5-minute “How to Attract & Hire Only TOP Performing Employees” on-line video.

About Grant D. Robinson

Grant D. Robinson is the creator of the five course “Market Leadership System” which helps small business owners improve their “People Systems.” The five courses cover the topics of recruiting, selecting, training, developing and retaining top performing employees.

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