Lyme Disease a Hot Topic at the 2006 Rife Conference

Lyme Disease sufferers have treatment options beyond pharmaceutical antibiotics, according to a recent health convention held in Seattle.

[ClickPress, Sat Dec 09 2006] The Annual Rife International Health Conference ( ), which gathers people together from all over the world to discuss alternative health treatments, was a tremendous success this year with over 350 attendees. Held in Seattle, WA, on October 20-22, the conference included 10 main speakers, several evening workshops, and numerous informative exhibit booths.

Rife therapy is a type of alternative treatment that has existed for over 70 years. The Rife Conference has been held annually in Seattle and other US cities for more than 7 years.

One of the surprising topics at the 2006 Rife Conference was Lyme Disease, a rapidly spreading, yet little-known infectious disease that is transmitted to humans by the bite of a tick. Lyme Disease is conventionally treated with pharmaceutical antibiotics, however, in some cases these antibiotics do not provide a cure. So, many Lyme Disease sufferers are driven to seek alternative treatments.

According to Bryan Rosner, the author of a well-known Lyme Disease book and one of this year's conference speakers, rife therapy has turned out to be beneficial to Lyme Disease sufferers. Rosner himself was debilitated with Lyme Disease but has experienced a slow and steady recovery by using rife therapy.

“Rife therapy simply offers so many advantages to Lyme Disease sufferers," Rosner said in a recent interview. "It is affordable, convenient, very helpful, and as far as we know, does not have toxic side effects." Rosner is not a doctor but instead a patient who wants to share his story.

"Because Lyme Disease can be so debilitating and difficult to treat, I am trying to spread the word that rife therapy saved my life. People need to research this for themselves before they write off this therapy. Lyme Disease sufferers have nothing to lose and everything to gain by exploring their treatment options."

As part of Rosner's presentation at the conference, he interviewed Doug MacLean, a mechanical engineer who was the first Lyme Disease sufferer to use rife therapy over 20 years ago. After antibiotics failed to cure Doug, he found rife therapy and today he is symptom-free and works full-time. When asked in the interview whether he currently has symptoms of Lyme Disease, Doug replied “I don't have symptoms of any health problems anymore.”

Bryan and Doug are not the only people who have benefited from rife therapy. In fact, there is an internet discussion group dedicated to discussing rife therapy as a treatment for Lyme Disease. The group has over 1800 members. Membership is easy and free, access the group at:

"I am not saying that rife therapy is the panacea for Lyme Disease," Rosner concludes. "Lyme Disease is a very complicated problem and there is no easy solution. On the other hand, when you find something that really helps you, you have to share your experience.”

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