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From: That Stained Glass Place
Published: Mon Feb 28 2005

Kill Devil Hills NC. 02/26/05 After 6 weeks of eyestrain and lacerated fingers we are
yet to be 1/4th of the way complete with the latest project at That Stained Glass Place. After being inspired by helping a young couple that came in for Drop-in Mosaic to make a lighthouse table (Hatteras) for a gift. I began cutting bricks for this Currituck Beach Light table.

Six weeks later I am still cutting bricks to create the proper perspective, as the lighthouse gets taller the bricks get smaller. I must be in a brick phase, because I have begun to tile the sky with brick shaped pieces. It may appear that I am jumping around on this project. This is not due to attention deficit, simply eyestrain. I can only work on the small bricks for short periods of time before they start to blend together.

Right now there are over 1400 bricks in the lighthouse, over 500 tiles in the sky background, and hundreds more pieces of glass in the trees. I have begun cutting leaf shaped pieces for the trees that surround the base of the lighthouse.

I will send more pictures as project draws to completion.

This piece is not commissioned. You may view at www.stainedglassvisions.com/lighthousepress.htm


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