Telappliant releases High Availability version of VoIP Office Hosted IP PBX solution

Leading Internet telephony solutions provider releases high availability version of VoIPOffice Hosted Edition using Intertex router for service continuity

[ClickPress, Mon Dec 11 2006] Telappliant, the leading UK-based Internet telephony solution provider, has released a product and service bundle which enables SME customers to utilise its hosted VoIPOffice solution, while maintaining the robustness and resiliency associated with a standalone platform. The Intertex Air GW2 product range will be used in conjunction with Telappliant’s VoIPOffice IP PBX solution to provide a hosted solution with true failover. This means that hosted customers will be able to dial each other's extensions and make outbound PSTN calls, even without Internet connectivity and as soon as the router detects a loss in connection. This is made possible due to the Intertex routers having a range of advanced features such as an integrated SIP server, intelligent dial plan and PSTN connectivity. Using a specially configured failover mode, the Telappliant VoIPOffice bundle provides this functionality straight out of the box.

Intertex Data AB, a Swedish company with more than 20 years experience in the telecommunications industry, has received numerous awards for its range of ADSL routers, which are unique in offering innovative features such as integrated PBX functionality. The IX68 not only delivers ADSL and WiFi functionality, but also basic PBX functionality such as call transfer and hold. Coupled with Telappliant VoIPOffice Hosted Edition, customers have a truly cost-effective, fully managed call management solution at their fingertips.

"One of the biggest concerns our customers had with a hosted telephony solution was service unavailability if their Internet connection failed”, said Tan Aksoy, Managing Director of Telappliant. “However, we have now addressed this issue in conjunction with Intertex by making a solution available which ensures service continuity even with the absence of an Internet connection. This solution changes our hosted proposition by providing service redundancy for the first time. While we have always provided inbound resiliency by using call forwarding techniques from our VoIP network, a special configuration of the Intertex router now makes it possible for customers to continue with uninterrupted service, even when there is no Internet connection present. As soon as a failure in connectivity is detected the Intertex router transparently switches telephone extensions to use its integrated call features and the PSTN bypass line for outbound calling. It really is an innovate and exciting development.”

“The VoIPOffice solution is one of the most feature-rich hosted offerings on the market,” commented Olivier Hellberg, European Business Manager at Intertex. “Our intelligent CPE can seamlessly take over call management functions when needed, and adds redundancy to hosted services such as Telappliant VoIPOffice. The business customer will appreciate not losing all communication if there is problem on the IP or physical layer.”

The Intertex IX67 and IX68 product range includes a flexible and very advanced firewall router developed to fulfil the needs of most small businesses. The VoIP capability of the products provides high quality service due to its unique architecture and design while still allowing for SIP traversal through a dynamically controlled firewall. The combination of FXS and FXO together with advanced SIP routing capability can be used in distributed or centralised SIP based services.

About Intertex
Intertex Data AB is a Swedish company with more than 20 years experience developing and selling advanced telecommunication and security products. At present, focus is on broadband access products supporting the SIP standard and real-time person-to-person communication, such as IP telephony (VoIP), presence, instant messaging, voice, video, and data collaboration. Intertex has received numerous international awards for creative product design and outstanding business performance. Please visit Intertex at

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Telappliant is a leading UK-based Internet telephony solution provider, specialising in end-to-end solution delivery for the enterprise market. Telappliant owns and operates the VoIPtalk™ Internet telephony network and offers a diverse range of solutions ranging from VoIPOffice™ Enterprise and Hosted IP PBX to White Label services for resellers and service providers. Further information can be found by visiting

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