Enensys releases DiviCatch RF-C live Cable and MPEG-2 TS pocket receiver, recorder and analyzer

Enensys has announced today the commercial release of the DiviCatch RF-C, their cable pocket receiver, recorder and analyzer. The new product is the first RF device in the USB adapter product line.

[ClickPress, Mon Dec 11 2006] The DiviCatch RF-C is capable of tuning a cable modulated signal and performing analysis measures at RF, modulation and transport levels. The software bundled with the device provides a graphical display of the constellation, offering a useful and instant representation of the signal quality. SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio), MER (Modulation Error Ratio) and EVM (Error Vector Magnitude) measurements also provide accurate indications on the signal modulation quality.

In addition to the RF input, the DiviCatch RF-C also features an ASI input and therefore inherits all standard DiviCatch products capabilities: Live or scheduled stream recording, stream forwarding over IP and MPEG-2 monitoring.
As the device integrates both a tuner and a demodulator, the bundled software is also capable of displaying a live stream through the integrated player.

The DiviCatch RF-C is an all-in-one international Cable solution: It is fully compatible with Cable standard's all 3 annexes (ITU-J83 Annex A, B and C) covering wolrdwide digital cable distribution. It also features one of the best RF sensitivity on the market.
The product is shipped with complete MPEG-2 and RF analysis software as well as a command line package ideally suited for automated testing purposes.

Designed for broadcast test and measurement applications, the DiviCatch RF-C, being USB self-powered and weighing under a half pound, is also ideally suited to perform coverage tests requiring access to street cabinets. The metallic housing achieves both robustness and sophistication, making it the ideal monitoring companion for field testing or demos.

While cable operators in most countries are developing new services to contain churn and maintain ARPU, the DiviCatch RF-C proves to be a highly useful tool to ensure optimal quality of service on delivered streams and networks.
The number of worldwide subscribers for digital cable technology is expected to enjoy high growth rates in the next few years, especially in the Asia/Pacific region, to reach over a 100 Million before 2010.

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ENENSYS Technologies develops high quality transmission products for digital TV broadcast over new media, with a special focus on Mobile TV using DVB-H, DMB-TH and T-DMB technologies, and Video over IP. Headquartered in Rennes, France, in the heart of the MEDIA & NETWORKS Worldwide Competitiveness Cluster, ENENSYS is listed on Euronext Paris Stock Exchange since February 2006. ENENSYS has over 150 customers located in more than 35 countries.

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