Custom Candles Provided to the Wiccan Market

Stardust Candle Corporation is now providing candles to the Wiccan community. A representative for Stardust Candle states “Members of the Wiccan community have advised that it is getting harder and harder to find quality unscented candles in colours suitable for their needs."

[ClickPress, Mon Dec 11 2006] "In response to this we will provide unscented candles in colours suitable for their purposes in any quantity. We have even filled orders for one pillar candle that was needed by a customer.”

“Stardust Candle Corporation manufactures pillar candles in heights up to 17” tall, both in highly fragranced and unscented. All candles are highly tested and hand poured to ensure long burning quality products. Our candles don’t tunnel burn (where just a small hole is burned down the center) and they don’t overflow, even when burned for long periods of time. All of our testing is done in a normal home environment to ensure that candles burn properly. In our view, there is nothing worse than paying good money, whether you’re buying premium products, or discount products, and not getting good performance. Candles have to be safe foremost, and they have to burn properly. Our pillars burn down evenly, typically without hugging or pushing the sides in, and at the end of the candle you’re left with a small pancake of wax.”

“It is important to know, that all candles are formulated to burn properly if burned for a minimum of one hour per inch of diameter. So a 3” diameter pillar should never bee burned for less than 3 hours. On the first lighting you are training the candle how to burn, so a short burn on the first lighting will cause the candle to “remember” that you want it to tunnel burn, so make sure that your first burn is for long enough for the wax pool to reach close to the edges of the pillar, and even better, for the sides of the pillar to start to curl in.”

Stardust Candle Corporation provides wholesale pricing to retailers, premium incentive accounts, and fundraising efforts. Discounts are provided to wedding customers. Distributor opportunities are available, as well as sales representative positions.

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