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Stock message board continues to add new and improved tools for its members.

[ClickPress, Mon Dec 11 2006] Stock message board continues to add new and improved tools for its members. Early in November, StockHideout (SHO) added to its Real-time Penny Stock chat room by expanding with both FOREX and Big Board chat. Now, SHO has introduced a new interactive portfolio tool for members-only.

Once you migrate to the “Stock Tools” section of the site, all you have to do is one click on add new investment. Pick your Penny Stock or Any Stock to add and enter how many shares, the PPS, and your base commission cost.

Once you have selected your stocks to watch, sit back and explore the abundance of information which you can obtain on each selected stock. You can now use “Your Portfolio” to view the relevant posts on SHO, check the chart and quote, view recent press releases, or take a look at a free level 2 quote. Come and register at today in order to use this tool free of charge and experience everything else SHO has to offer.

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