Cyberlux Products Meet California's Title 24 Energy Efficiency Requirements

From: Cyberlux Corporation
Published: Wed Jun 29 2005

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C., June 29, 2005 - Today, Cyberlux Corporation (OTCBB: CYBL) announces that its Aeon Pro E task and accent home lighting meets California's Title 24 residential energy requirements.

The Title 24 California energy requirements went into effect in 1978 to decrease California's energy consumption. Since then, it has saved the state more than $36 billion in electricity and natural gas costs. The Title 24 standards are updated periodically, and will be updated in October of this year when the 40 lumens per watt requirement is implemented.

"The capability of solid-state lighting technology has advanced significantly, at a 'Moore's Law' pace. Our Aeon Pro products harness this capability and give home builders, residential designers and home buyers a new, energy efficient alternative to traditional lighting technologies," said Mark Schmidt, COO and president of Cyberlux.

The Aeon Pro E products' energy efficiency has been verified at 55 lumens per watt by ITL Boulder, Independent Testing Laboratories, Inc. The lab confirmed that Aeon products exceed the 40 lumen per watt requirement for kitchen and bath lighting.

"Solid-state lighting technology promises major change for the lighting industry. Recent ITL test results on a luminary with multiple LEDs demonstrated performance of 55 lumens per watt. It is clear that the energy efficiency of white diodes is improving faster than many in the industry expected," states Bob Berger President of Independent Testing Laboratories, Inc.

ITL was founded 50 years ago and is one of the most experienced independent testing labs in the country. The lab provides accurate, unbiased information on virtually every type of lighting to lighting manufacturers, designers, architects and the government.

"From a sales perspective, exceeding the Title 24 standards opens up the California market to our Aeon Pro E line and makes these products one of the only alternatives to traditional task and accent lighting for the home. The 55 lumen per watt efficiency of the Aeon Pro E products is an industry-leading efficacy and one the that surpasses California's Title 24 requirements of 40 lumens per watt," said William Walker, Cyberlux senior vice president of sales.

The California market represents more than 10% of the new housing in the country. The Aeon Pro E line offers designers, homebuilders, and homeowners an alternative to traditional incandescent and fluorescent tube lights used for task and accent lighting in the home.

Cyberlux is establishing dealers in the top 50 North American housing markets and is continuing to qualify dealers to join its Aeon sales network. In California, Cyberlux has Aeon dealers in all of that state's major markets.

About Cyberlux Corporation

Cyberlux Corporation (OTC Bulletin Board: CYBL - News) has created breakthrough lighting technology that provides the most energy efficient and cost effective lighting solutions available today. Several products are designed to address emergencies such as power outages or critical security lighting needs and others bring newly developed heatless light into the home for use in closets, cabinet interiors and under cabinet lighting for kitchen counters. Cyberlux uses solid-state semiconductors, trademarked as its diodal(tm) lighting elements, which consume 92 percent less energy than incandescent elements and perform for over 20 years in contrast to 750 hours for traditional bulbs.

For more information, visit or call 1.800.939.CYBL.

Source: Cyberlux Corporation

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