Nutritional Supplement Successfully Fights Acne without Antibiotics or Side-Effects

From: Skinutrients, LLC
Published: Thu Jun 30 2005

A Florida dermatologist has successfully combined 7 vitamins, minerals and one herb into a tablet which appears to provide relief to people suffering from acne.

Dr. Goodless came across the specific combination of ingredients while studying the existing medical literature for ways to help his own acne patients who were either unable or unwilling to take oral antibiotics. Concern over worsening antibiotic resistance and transfer of resistance to dangerous pathogens such as MRSA was another motivating factor.

All the vitamins and minerals in the formulation had already been demonstrated in published clinical trials to help reduce the signs and symptoms of acne. In addition, a common thread among many of the traditional herbal treatments for acne was fortuitously exploited:

"I noted in my reading that effective Japanese and Chinese traditional therapies for acne utilized herbs which contained high amounts of the compound berberine as a common factor" states Dr. Goodless. Berberine has been found to inhibit the growth of Proprionobacterium acnes, the bacteria known to cause acne.

Combining a berberine-containing herb with the previously studied vitamins and minerals resulted in the highly effective formulation. The results of a recently completed clinical trial will be presented at two national meetings this July.
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