Posties wise up to dog aggression

From: The Claim Solicitors
Published: Fri Jul 01 2005

The job of a postman is not all it seems. Unexpectedly it rivals other professions, such as scaffolder or window cleaner, in the danger stakes. Post men and women and their bosses are trying to find a way to make the job safer but still around 600 postal workers a year have to go sick after being attacked by territorial dogs guarding their patch. There are many jokes about delivery people being bitten by aggressive dogs but it is no laughing matter with many workers being seriously injured and left traumatised every year.

Efforts have been made to prevent attacks with owners being asked to keep their pets under control when the postman calls. Some postmen have been issued repellent sprays and in Germany, workers have even been sent on canine psychology courses to gain an insight into dog behaviour.

In the UK, except in Scotland, a dog is ‘allowed’ one bite before it is at risk of being destroyed and its owner at risk of being sued for compensation by the person who has been bitten. Dogs who have shown aggressive tendencies towards people before should be kept muzzled and under the keeper’s control at all times.

Owners are advised to take out adequate insurance that covers incidents involving their dogs. Studies by show that many people don’t think about insurance for their pets. They don’t believe that their loving pet could cause serious injury to a person, so it doesn’t cross their minds that they could end up with legal costs and compensation to pay.

Paul Johnson from The Claim Solicitors had this to say:

"Dog owners don’t realise that postal workers are bitten all too often and that they may end up with a massive financial burden if the postman decides to claim compensation. Owners should take out insurance to protect themselves in the event that their dog unexpectedly bites someone."

Perhaps UK posties should follow the German example and enrol on dog psychoanalysis training. Attacks on workers have reduced by a third in Germany making the role of the post office worker a slightly less dangerous one.


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By Sophie Evans –
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Posties wise up to dog aggression

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