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Published: Tue Jun 22 2010

One of the UKs leading contact lens retailer Feel Good Contact Lenses now provide both Focus Dailies all day comfort and Focus Dailies with aqua comfort plus in bulk to ensure that your eyesight is always covered. Focus Dailies from Feel Good Contact Lenses are the ideal daily solution to keeping your eyes feeling fresh and bright every morning. The advanced moisture technology and ultra thin edge keep eyes looking healthy and of course, in focus.

Specifically designed for the modern contact wearer; Focus Dailies possess a unique ‘blink activated’ moisture system, which releases a moisture agent that will provide sufficient hydration all day "The average human blinks thousands of times a day" explains Manisha, head of customer services for the online contact lens provider "Therefore wearers can guarantee hydrated, revitalised eyes all day long".

The non-ionic surface lens on the Focus Dailies helps prevent the build up of protein around the eye; making focus daily contact lenses are the perfect solution for those who suffer from regular allergies and of course, the summertime favourite hay fever. "The low maintenance daily contact lenses ensure that every new lens is fresh and clean, preventing alien particles from entering the eye area which can lead to an allergic reaction or discomfort".
Focus Dailies can be used by anyone who suffers from short sightedness, long sightedness, who may need lenses for reading and driving and are now available for those who require vary focal lenses. The modern technology used to create the ultra-thin, multi moisturising contact lenses gives the Focus Dailies a superior lens performance, making them Europe’s number one contact lens choice among a variety of wearers.

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