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From: Women Know How
Published: Mon Feb 28 2005

They wore Mary Quant and Max Factor lipstick, Blue Grass perfume, screamed at the Beatles, drank Babycham, and ate prawn cocktails and black forest gateau. Today these women now 45+ feel they are at best ignored and certainly under-valued when so much on the internet caters for the younger market. Well not anymore. At last there is a website www.womenknowhow.com which recognises that women of 45+ have their own personalities, their own individuality, their own sense of style and fun and are open to new opportunities and ideas.

Company Director Julia Stebbing wanted to redress the balance for this neglected generation – her generation. Together with daughter Zoe, 31, Julia has just created Women Know How, a boutique website of services and products especially for women aged 45+. As she explains, "There are countless websites aimed at my daughter’s age group, but there’s very little to attract today’s "older" woman. On Women Know How you will find holiday and learning opportunities, ways to be a volunteer or earn money, ideas and suggestions for food, clothes and jewellery, beauticians and health tips. You can also find out about your family background, complain about a parking ticket, get free business advice and even an after-dinner speaker for a fund-raiser or private party. All from one website.

Women Know How has been greeted with enthusiasm. "Really, really really impressed – it is great," wrote Julie M. Ruth G of Baker Street wrote: "I’d always wanted to learn to sing, and when I read your website I just thought let’s give it a go and made an appointment. Now I have a wonderful new interest and sound quite good in the bath."
Company: Women Know How
Contact Name: Julia Stebbing
Contact Email: info@womenknowhow.com
Contact Phone: 07985 904435

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