Boots covers volcanic ash claims

From: Boots
Published: Mon Jun 28 2010

Boots Travel Insurance has announced that it is covering claims resulting from the closure of airspace due to volcanic ash. Boots Travel Insurance will not invoke any exclusion relating to "closure of airspace by the CAA" and all the conditions and exclusions in the customer's policy will remain unchanged.

For those policyholders waiting to go on holiday, it means that they may be able to recover the costs of their trips or journeys that would not otherwise be recoverable from another source such as the airlines, tour operators or hotels.

The same stipulations apply for those are who are left stranded abroad. Boots Travel Insurance revealed that travellers left stranded may be reimbursed a travel delay benefit which is designed to contribute towards additional costs incurred such as accommodation, depending on the length of the delay.

Boots Travel Insurance volcanic ash assures travellers visiting locations both in Europe and worldwide that they are covered in the result of any delay. However, this is only if the flight has been delayed for 12 hours or more.

Boots offers three separate cover areas; bronze, silver and gold. The bronze cover offers £20 for the first 12 hours and £10 for each extra 12 hour period the customer is delayed while the silver cover offers reimbursement of £30 for the first 12 hours and £25 for each additional 12 hour period of delay. The gold cover offers £40 for the first 12 hours and £25 for each extra delay of 12 hours.

If a Boots customer's flight has been delayed for over 24 hours, they are then entitled to claim for pre-paid travel and accommodation expenses, pre-paid excursions, tours and activities which are non refundable from any other source. In this situation, the bronze cover claim can be as much as £2,000 in total while the silver and gold cover offers £3,000 and £5,000 in total respectively.

Please note that the sums referred to above relate to each person insured on a Boots Travel Insurance policy.

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