Lukas' Documentary To Be Release Soon

From: Playing With Lukas
Published: Tue Jun 29 2010

Lukas, The World's Smartest Horse according to The World Records Academy, has completed filming of his long awaited documentary. The touching story follows Lukas as a "race track reject" to becoming a well loved horse hero around the globe.

Produced by Hadi Khalil of International Production and Advertising, the documentary will include excerpts from Lukas' races at Santa Anita in 1995 (courtesy of HRTV) to his most recent appearance on Inside Edition. Guest interviews with Dr. Don Scott Vrono, Dawn Mellen (After The Finish Line), Andrea Glass (WritersWay), Stacey Erb (Chuck Erb Horse Transportation) and Tat Yakutis (Yakutis Enterprises) create a moving account of the former rescue's journey.

The purpose of the movie according to Karen Murdock, Lukas' owner/trainer, is "To convey a message that not fitting into a mold, or even failing, perhaps many times, doesn't mean we should give up on ourselves or others. It is still entirely possible to thrive and flourish, and best of all, to help others through difficulties, despite hardship."

The documentary showcases Lukas' extensive liberty repertoire: the bow, curtsy, laying down, fetch, catch, passage, Spanish Walk, stay and come, pose, pedestal, figure eights, yawn, smile, kiss, nod, feet together, jambette, wave, being blindfolded and the rear. The spectacular footage also includes some previous cognitive task favorites such as spelling, counting, identifying shapes and discriminating colors, along with his recent Guinness record attempt: "Most numbers identified by a horse in one minute."

Fascinating glimpses of newer games are also featured including proportion, same/different, spatial relationships, object permanence and absentness. Murdock states, "This last concept, absentness, has long been thought to exist only in primates (monkeys, apes and humans) and some parrots." Lukas clearly exhibits this comprehension. Laughs Murdock, "That may have to be another Guinness record attempt!"
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