Barclaycard launch global iPhone game and competition

From: Barclaycard
Published: Thu Jul 01 2010

Barclaycard is inviting people across the world to ride Rollercoaster Extreme, bringing the concept of the rollercoaster advertising campaign to the iPhone.

In the advert, aired for the first time in January 2010, the main character enjoys a hassle free journey to work on a rollercoaster, riding high above the clutter and congestion of the world below. In Rollercoaster Extreme, players will ride the rollercoaster through four New York environments, avoiding the obstacles and racing against the clock.

The new Barclaycard rollercoaster game 'Rollercoaster Extreme' looks set to be bigger and better, offering an improved gaming experience and a competitive edge with top prizes at stake. The global vision of the competition reflects the global presence and ambitions of the Barclaycard brand. This is the first time Barclaycard has created a global community of gamers.

Hannah Deans, Senior Digital and New Media Manager, Barclaycard said: "Rollercoaster Extreme is an exciting development for Barclaycard. We are building on the success of the advertising campaign and the overwhelming success we experienced with Waterslide Extreme, offering customers the chance to engage with the rollercoaster concept, but also encouraging Barclaycard fans across the world to get involved in an innovative global challenge. The game is sure to be a big success, particularly with such great prizes on offer."

The top competitor on the global leader board each month will win a highly sought-after Apple iPad. The leading four players in the world will be invited to Las Vegas in January 2011 for a global play-off, where one gamer has the chance to win a £50,000 prize. All four will be invited to bring a guest for a three night stay at the New York, New York hotel in Las Vegas, where they can ride a real rollercoaster among the New York landmarks around the outside of the building.

The British public will get their first real taste of the Rollercoaster Extreme at the Wireless Festival from Friday 2 to Sunday 4 July 2010. Full screen demonstrations will be played throughout the festival, and there will be a dedicated area for people to play the game and place their score on the leader board. The global leader board will run from then until the end of December.

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