What women want (in a car)

From: CoverGirl Car Insurance
Published: Tue Jul 05 2005

These days there’s more to the latest car than electric windows and a CD changer. With women demanding more functionality out of the things they buy, car manufacturers are going to have to get their skates on if they want to meet women’s motoring needs. Ahead of the rest is Volvo who have created a car ‘designed from women’s perspective’. Their concept car comes fully equipped with headrests with a gap for ponytails, seat covers that match the carpet and parallel park assistance. And, according to a survey by CoverGirl Car Insurance, women would like to see their cars kitted out with the latest mod cons and more besides. CoverGirl asked their customers for the top fantasy functions that they would love to have in their cars:

• A refrigerated section in the boot to store your weekly shopping. No longer would we have to worry about the milk turning sour or the frozen peas defrosting

• A bottle warmer for when junior needs his feed

• A windscreen washer gauge to let you know when you need to fill up before the fluid runs out

• A built in neck massager for the journey home after a stressful day at work (will also calm you in rush hour traffic)

• Digital radio as standard and a built in MP3 player

• Built to run on electricity so you can plug your car in next to your iPod to recharge

• Personalised colour, whatever colour you want, from bright fuchsia to the colour of your favourite dress.

• Doggie seatbelt for your Labrador

• Blacked out windows at the press of a button

• Fake fur attachment for your seats to warm you up on a cold winter morning

These days women are making the household buying decisions more and more frequently, with over 80% of women buying or influencing the purchase of consumer goods. So cars with fantasy features might become a reality sooner than we think. CoverGirl Car Insurance’s customers are all ages and from all backgrounds but they have one thing in common, they are all women. So could the car we’ve described be the car of the future?


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