American Libertarian Expatriates Now Have their own Support Organization

From: AIN Newsdesk
Published: Tue Jul 05 2005

Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam, July 5th, 2005 – For decades Republicans and Democrats alike have been privileged to have overseas organizations supporting their parties’ causes in overseas expatriate communities. Now so does the Libertarian Party.

"I have tried to do this on a personal basis for many years," says Gary Dale Cearley, founder of Libertarians Abroad, "but we just weren’t organized enough." Cearley said that every four years in the country where he currently lives and works, Vietnam, the Republicans Abroad and Democrats Abroad would hold debates on the issues for special audiences who wanted to "hear it out". During the Bush-Gore election Cearley was asked to take part as well. On the Republican team. "I thought at that point that we needed a Libertarians Abroad chapter, "added Cearley, "but I looked around and found out it didn’t exist. When I contacted Libertarians in the United States they not only didn’t know what I was talking about but they also had no idea of why such an organization would even be needed." During the Michael Badnarik campaign Cearley determined to do this himself.

The main purpose of Libertarians Abroad is very simple: To inform Libertarian expatriate party members, Libertarian leaning expatriates, and undecided but interested potential expatriate voters regarding the policies of the Libertarian Party, its campaigns and its candidates. Libertarians Abroad also has a secondary purpose of helping American expatriates to register to vote and to vote in absentia.

Cearley is happy that the new website for Libertarians Abroad ( has been hung and is working, although it is still described as "evolutionary". Libertarians Abroad as a group is now formed among the American community in Vietnam and currently there are some interested parties in a few other Asian countries. Gary Dale hopes that within the month he will be able to have organized some groups in Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, Africa and Australia. "We do not get involved in local politics around the world at all. We are only interested in helping American expatriates in peacefully changing things at home," says Cearley.


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