Businesses Need To Ensure Online Destination Meets Corporate Standards Before Engaging in Social Med

From: Punch Communications
Published: Tue Jul 06 2010

According to PR, Search and Social Media Agency Punch Communications, businesses must ensure that they have a solid and efficient online presence in order to be able to fully benefit from the growth in traffic to their website caused by the increased use of social media in the workplace.

As the use of social media within companies increases, with different industries beginning to approach the method for their own marketing and networking use, businesses are facing an increasing amount of pressure to ensure that their presence online is as proficient as it can be, as it has recently been claimed that social media is set to become the preferred method of communication amongst businesses by the year 2014. It is vital for companies to ensure that they are able to deliver otherwise it could potentially have a detrimental effect on the reputation of the brand.

With rumours rife that internet giant Google is planning on launching its own social networking site, thought to be named ‘Google me,’ it is evident that the way businesses and brands communicate will change noticeably over the coming years. Not only that, but advancing technological capabilities means the methods of communication will dramatically evolve and it is therefore of utmost importance that businesses are able to keep up with the expectations that are being placed on them.

Emilie Legrand of Public Relations Agency Punch Communications, commented; "There is no denying the fact that the way business is carried out has changed and will continue to change over the coming years, however the important point to bear in mind is that without a strong and reputable online presence, many businesses will face difficulties and will most likely end up playing catch up to their competitors.

"Punch Communications successfully use social media as a key marketing and networking tool which in turn allows us to develop a brands online presence improving their consumer engagement."

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