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Published: Tue Jul 06 2010

Dr. Jon Brunelle of Corona Chiropractic Center uses corrective chiropractic care techniques to bring his patients back to their natural state of health. Rather than focusing only on pain relief, Dr. Brunelle strives to get to the root of the patient's problem, treating the cause of the pain symptoms, and not just the pain itself. Offering specialized treatment for individual patients means considering each patient as a unique case, and providing the specific care based on the particular needs and health issues of the patient. Dr. Jon’s individualized approach to each patient enables him to produce maximum results in correcting a large assortment of health matters.

Dr. Jon’s patients range in age from babies of only a few weeks of age to folks well into their 90s, with pediatric and geriatric chiropractic care being among his specialties. In addition, he specializes in weight-loss and nutritional programs, and the treatment of temporomandibular joint syndrome, or "TMJ", a painful jaw disorder. State of the art equipment in his clinic includes an assortment of chiropractic tables, decompression tables, and the unique "Wobble Chairs" for treating muscle spasms and back pain – all of which enhance his ability to help his patients return to optimum health.

With more than 15 years in his field, Dr. Jon has brought thousands of people back to natural health and body function, offering permanent solutions to the pain and suffering they once experienced. Glowing testimonials from happy patients, past and present, confirm that the Corona chiropractor has helped change many people's lives for the better.

Those who visit the newly re-launched web site will first see a video introduction conducted by Dr. Jon, as he welcomes you to his family practice, and explains the health benefits of corrective chiropractic care. From there the visitor can further browse the site, sign up for a free consultation, and read the doctor's informative blog, all in an easy to navigate format.

Visitors can expect ongoing updates to the Corona Chiropractic Center web site, as a vigorous marketing campaign commences immediately for http://chiropracticcorona.com/.

About Corona Chiropractic Center: Dr. Jon Brunelle has helped restore the natural health of thousands of patients who have experienced health issues ranging from neck and back pain, to migraines and asthma. He treats young and old alike, with his specialized techniques of corrective chiropractic care.

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