Radio Station For Cats Sets 1 Day Record

From: Cat Galaxy
Published: Thu Dec 28 2006

24 hours after Cat Galaxy's announcement of passing the 2 millionth audience member mark, web sites from across the net from as far away as Poland and the UK were announcing the good news to their audiences. Cat Galaxy also posted over 135,000 visitors to its site 1 day after the announcement, breaking a 1 day total record for the station.

"This kind of attention for us is pretty incredible. There was very much an air of excitement over here at the station after seeing the numbers. Cats are obviously convincing their humans that Cat Galaxy is their station of choice," said Nohl Rosen of Cat Galaxy.

The station which broadcasts to cats, live 24/7 celebrated it's 5th year of broadcasting this year and has become a popular site for cats and cat lovers. The announcement didn't come without its drawbacks though, as an unexpected server move took down the station's audio feed, canceling 2 live broadcasts.

"Whenever these things happen we just sit back, take a deep breath and continue with our work. There is more to the station than the live audio but that portion is a major part of it. Our listeners were very understanding and patient and waited for the problem to be fixed. The only hissing around here came from the feline management," Rosen joked.

For more information about the station check out the Cat Galaxy web site at or call 480-980-8541. The station for cats is based in Scottsdale, AZ.
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