OnGuard's LPT (Loop and T) lock runs circles around ATV thieves. OnGuard's 2007 lock collection a "b

From: Gravity Communications
Published: Wed Jan 03 2007

OnGuard, the standard setter for a whole new generation of locks, has
responded to this growing epidemic of ATV theft with The Beast 5017LPT chain
lock, part of its new 2007 collection.

The LPT stands for ³Loop and ŒTı² and thatıs essentially how this chain lock
works. You wrap the chain loop around a solidly anchored object then run the
10-inch long 2/3-inch thick hardened steel bar through a hole on your
vehicle and lock the T-head on the other side. Wheels, rotors, frame mounts
and trailer hitches are just a few of the common places you can use with The
Beast 5017 LPT.

"With its cut-resistant pass-through ring and massive 11 mm, ultra hardened
steel, thick chain, the Beast 5017 LPT offers an amazing combination of
strength and versatility for hard-to-lock situations," said Chris Harvey of
OnGuard Locks. "Thatıs why The Beast 5017 LPT earned 'five stars plus' the
highest security rating OnGuard gives."

The Beast 5017LPT also offers other innovative features for added security
and performance, such as:

Double bolt locking mechanism where hardened steel pins lock at both ends of
the shackle, creating a redundant locking system.
OnGuard M-cylinder to provide optimum resistance against physical attack and
Ultra hardened, hexagonal steel chain links, delivering maximum
Laser-cut keys, five total, including a microlight key for use at night to
see key opening in areas with poor visibility such as a dark alley or deep
in the woods.
Reinforced sleeve over crossbar and cylinder Protective coatings on both the
shackle and crossbar to prevent scratching
Water- and heat-resistant chain cover also to minimize scratching

The many security benefits offered by The Beast 5017LPT give ATV owners a
formidable deterrent against motivated thieves. That level of confidence has
become increasingly important as enterprising thieves have made selling
³used² ATVs and ATV parts a booming business‹leaving ATV owners, with
thousands of dollars invested in their vehicles, holding the bag.

"Thieves know that most ATV users either reside or use their vehicles in
suburban or rural areas where people generally have a more lax approach to
security and they prey on that," said Billy Beningo, manager at Hanover
Power Sports in Whippany, New Jersey. "Itıs come down to the reality that
anytime youıre not using your ATV, you'd better have a lock on it, even if
you're storing it in your own garage."

The Beast 5017LPT and other OnGuard locks, whether key or combination lock,
are tested, approved and certified by the most important European test
organizations (including Classe SRA, SBSC, ART, Sold Secure, and Thatcham)
to guard bikes and power sport vehicles the world over. OnGuard locks come
with a lifetime warranty, the aforementioned laser-cut keys and microlight
key (with all M-key locks), key registration, free key replacement service,
and ³Keyed Alike² capability.

The OnGuard logo and slogan (One Mean Lock) are protected by Registered

OnGuard locks may be obtained at more than 3,000 specialty bike stores and
1,500 power sports stores nationwide. For more information OnGuard Products,
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