Cyprus Logistics Firm Undertakes International Food and Beverage Supply Chain Work for MADACO

From: E & F Logistics Solutions
Published: Thu Jul 07 2005

Nicosia, Cyprus, July 7th, 2005 – When MADACO Supermarkets in Cyprus turned to Aeroceanetwork’s E & F Logistics Solutions to handle the inbound supply chain for their imported beverages and foodstuffs they knew they had made the right decision. E & F Logistics Solutions got busy right away setting up the best supply chain solution possible to meet MADACO’s needs and immediately undertook this coordination with reliable overseas partners.

Much of the work required coordination in many parts of Europe and shipping out of a central point. The port ultimately chosen for many reasons was Rotterdam. E & F Logistics Solutions arranged to use fellow Aeroceanetwork member DG Logistics for coordination of brand name products such as Carlsberg Beer, Pepsi and 7 Up from various parts of Europe overland to Rotterdam port in order to be shipped out by sea. They are also bringing in brand named coffees Poka and Mr. Brown from Singapore working with Legend AsiaPac Distribution Pte Ltd, who is another Aeroceanetwork partner.

"We are very happy that this business has been going well," said Mr. Eliophotos Eliophotou, Managing Director of E & F Logistics Solutions, "What says it all is that MADACO’s shipments with us have been increasing. That’s the best mark of a satisfied customer."


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