The GHD Hair Straightener Celebrates Over 125 Years

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Published: Thu Jul 15 2010

The GHD Hair Straightener or some may call them hair tongs either way they have become the modern day must have hair accessory for women and now many men. The humble GHD Hairs Straightener some say can date right back to 1872 to a Parisian gentleman called Marcel Grateau. His early invention which was basically heat rods which were used with chemical lotions which were then added to the hair to straighten it.

Like many early day inventions there were many draw backs and many people would find their scalp and hair became damaged and in many cases burnt. The first registered hair iron patent was in 1906 by a chap called Simon Monroe, his invention was basic and in a different format. The hair tool he created consisted of metal teeth which the user would use to comb through the hair; these worked but would not be considered the same product as the GHD Straightener that are used today.

The first real hair straightner design that could be considered would have to be in 1909 by Issac Shero, he patented and invented the first heated hair care tools. The first designs were basically hot metal plates that were used to slide through the hair, the products were a great improvement on the early day inventions and provided the user with a much reduced risk on damaging the hair. He then advanced the designs at a later date and introduced more advanced ones which included the ceramic straightener and electrical straighteners. Not only this, but he was also the first person to provide the user with the ability to adjust the heat settings and the sizes of the straightener.

There are some Chinese herbs also which helps you to reduce the hair fall like psoralea seeds, mulberries and oyster. These herbs are also very effective and reduce the hair fall. Henna is also very effective herb for hairs. It is one of the oldest herb which helps to reduce the hair fall and it act as the conditioner to the hairs. Rosemary is also very good for hairs. Boil the rosemary with nettle, peach leafs, burdock and sage. And wash your hairs with this solution on regular basis, this will help you to reduce the hair fall and gives you healthy and strong hairs.

Most of his design techniques are still used to this very day in the modern day hair salon or home and the reliance on his invention has become second nature to most people. The most common straightener today would be the ceramic ones with the heating elements. The technology remains the same, however has become more sophisticated. The ceramic ones became the chosen type for many for a number of reasons which include the fact that they are less damaging to the hair to use and the ceramic heating elements heat up quickly.

It was proven by the early models that using straighteners can be damaging for the hair if not used correctly or too much, this still applies today and the chances of getting split ends, or brittle and broken hair is increased. Unlike in the early days though there has been advancement in many of the hair tools to prevent this from happening. Products such heat protection sprays and creams will reduce the amount of damage caused by excessive use.
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