Radio Station For Cats Audience Number Reaches 2.6 Million

From: Cat Galaxy
Published: Thu Jan 04 2007

Cats are no doubt meowing and showing that Cat Galaxy is indeed their radio station of choice. As 2006 drew to a close, the radio station for cats not only passed the 2 million audience member mark but has also set a monthly, weekly and a 1 day record on its web site and increased its listenership by 40%, making it a strong force in the world of radio broadcasting. The station also far surpassed expected numbers coming into 2007 and now has an audience number of 2.6 million which has visited its web site.

"It was a great year (in 2006) for Cat Galaxy and we definitely accomplished a lot. Part of the success is our format, which has always been for cats by cats. Another has been the stories we've written and the radio shows we've produced as well as the podcasts. We have a very great mix of stuff and the felines and their humans are enjoying it," said Nohl Rosen of Cat Galaxy.

Another part of the station's success has been the media coverage which has also reached additional cats and cat lovers from across the net.

"We always enjoy sharing what our station is all about with the media. Internet radio especially has become more popular and we're the only station for cats out there. It's something we're very proud of because cats know what they like and don't like. We've also put together some great broadcasts and had some wonderful guests from the animal rescue community on our shows, which we've been very fortunate and thankful to have as a part of our station's format," Rosen added.

In 2006, Cat Galaxy played host to well known animal rescue organizations on its broadcasts including, AzCATs, Arizona Humane Society, Sun Cities 4PAWS, Maricopa County Animal Care & Control, Alleycat Allies, and the Arizona Animal Welfare League. The station plans to have even more animal rescue groups and guests on their shows during the 2007 season as well as boost advertising. Cat Galaxy will also be adding more equipment to the studio as well as perform other upgrades. More stories and Podcasts have also been planned for the web site this year. Recently, the station added its first web log and a webcam called Isiscam which is now in the test phase.

For more information about the station call 480-980-8541 or check out the Cat Galaxy web site at The station is based in Scottsdale, AZ and broadcasts live to cats worldwide 24/7.
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