Businesses thrive since going 'green'

From: QMS International PLC
Published: Fri Jul 16 2010

For many business leaders, the idea of gaining ‘green’ credentials always seems like a nice thing to have, but less of a priority in times when revenue, profit and, for some, mere business survival is key.

Naturally, these issues have to take priority, but what most fail to recognise is the real effect that ‘going green’ can have on sales and profitability. It is not a long term effect either, but one that start to happen just as soon as potential customers know of the fact.

Organisations in both the public and private sector are increasingly looking at, and happy to pay a premium for, suppliers with the right environmental procedures in place. It ticks the right boxes and sends out all the right messages about the ethics and standards of the company.

For thousands of businesses and non-profit making organisations the place to start is by gaining ISO 14001 accreditation, which is internationally recognised as a standard for environmental management systems in 2010 and beyond. In working towards ISO 14001 accreditation you will learn about the core standards used by flagship businesses for creating and implementing best practice environmental thinking into the workplace.

A company specifically set up to guide you through the whole process of gaining ISO 14001 is QMS International plc, who can supply the training, consultancy and certifications you require.

QMS have many case studies whereby client companies have seen a dramatic positive effect on their bottom line since gaining certification. As Peter Gamble, Chief Executive of QMS points out " these clients are living proof of the ‘green effect’ as we see environmentally conscious organisations increasingly looking to work with like-minded companies, even if it means paying a little more sometimes. In addition, though, they are seeing that by adopting green practices in work place, they are also saving on energy costs, using fewer materials, lowering distribution and waste management costs. Added together, the effect can be very surprising to a company’s financial health, as well as its image to the outside world."

Like anything of any value, gaining ISO14001 certification does take time and effort, but the benefits are there for all to see - and will only become stronger. It has to be worth at least finding out more by visiting the QMS International website at or you can contact QMS directly by telephone on 01603 630345 – or email
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