A New Company is Set to Promote Heavier Drinking in 2007!

From: Love Water Limited
Published: Mon Jan 08 2007

With the familiar sound bites of healthy living in 2007, one company is finding a genuinely effective way of influencing people's drinking habits.  A brand new water dispenser service designed for home use has recently been launched by Love Water.

The new dispenser is much smaller and more attractive than the traditional office water-cooler and is available in a range of colour options to blend in beautifully in stylish kitchens, dining and other rooms.  Available to rent or purchase outright, the water-coolers eliminate the chore of lugging bottled water back from the supermarket.

Love Water compliment the dispenser with an efficient water delivery service. As the water delivered is top quality Blenheim Natural Mineral Water, bottled on the estate of Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire, consumers can be assured that the water has not travelled thousands of environmentally unfriendly miles, as do many brands of bottled water.  In addition, using the dispenser eliminates trips to the recycling bank with empty water bottles, as Love Water also collect the polycarbonate bottle for refilling back at the bottling plant.

Feedback from existing home users confirm that the convenience of a water dispenser helps encourage more frequent drinking and has a great influence in turning children off sugary drinks and into water drinkers.

"The health benefits of drinking water are sometimes over exaggerated.  Maintaining the right hydration throughout the day is important but varies from person to person, depending on their age, gender and daily routine.  Water consumption should be part of a balanced lifestyle," commented Nick Swan of Love Water. 

"I might be biased, though tap water is generally good, I believe that the taste of mineral water from Blenheim is far superior, and we are offering a limited free trial of the product to homeowners in London and the South East to prove it!," concluded Nick.

Visit www.lovewater.com or call 0870 950 6063 for more information about the free trial offer.

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