US Woman Helps Pioneer to Develop Healthy-Eating Route to Improved Fertility and Happy Babies

From: Vitaline Weight Control Limited
Published: Mon Jan 08 2007

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is a hormonal imbalance that may affect as many as one in six women. The symptoms can be unpleasant, causing disruption of the menstrual cycle so that fertility is adversely affected. Severe weight gain, bodily and facial hair growth and acne can be other distressing side effects. Now a healthy-eating plan designed by British diet adviser Norah Elizabeth Lane, who has researched PCOS for six years, is helping PCOS sufferers lose weight, regain their confidence and become pregnant.

A special site has been set up for the benefit of PCOS sufferers, Jill Fenske of Los Angeles, California, was one of the first to enrol. Jill was a long term PCOS sufferer who had been told by doctors that she was unlikely to conceive. Having tried many other treatments, Jill joined the Vitaline programme – and it worked! Jill lost 21 lbs in just a few months and astounded her doctors with healthy blood sugar levels and renewed vitality. Having improved her fertility she successfully conceived and in the summer of 2006 gave birth to Reece, a healthy little boy of 8 lb 5oz.

Norah’s company Vitaline Weight Control has been established in Britain for 30 years. In this time, Norah has helped thousands of people to lose weight by eating real and healthy food, as well as advising slimmers how to keep the weight off by developing healthy eating habits for life. Now, thanks to the internet, Norah’s diet plans and support services are available to citizens of the USA and Canada.

"The problem with PCOS is that sufferers have a lower metabolic rate, which is one of the reasons for the weight gain. Additionally, sufferers often lack B-series vitamins and may be intolerant to certain carbohydrates," explained Norah. "My eating plans are individually developed for each client and I aim to boost metabolic rate, improve intake of B vitamins and train people about which carbs to avoid." The Vitaline programme also offers one-to-one advice and has optional help groups so that members can share experiences and support each other. Visit for further information.

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