Winner of the Options Sniper Challenge will Trade $15,000 of Price Headley’s Own Money.

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Published: Wed Jul 21 2010 held an Options Sniper Challenge contest where each member of Price Headley’s newest service could enter for the chance to trade real money in a real account funded all by Headley himself.

The Options Sniper Challenge:

Price Headley has placed some of his own money on the line to prove that the New Options Sniper Trading System is the real deal. He has placed $15,000 into a real trading account, and a personal "hands off" sign to let one of his new Options Sniper clients trade that account, using only the Options Sniper recommendations for all trades.

Using real money, not a paper account the winner of the Sniper blog contest – a week long contest asking Options Sniper clients three trading questions – will trade Price Headley’s own account using entry and exit signals from the Options Sniper recommendation service.

Chad Torgerson was chosen as the winner of the Options Sniper Challenge and you can follow him throughout his Options Sniper trading progress at

In the coming weeks this site will be full of blog post from Chad Torgerson and Price Headley with commentary of the new Options Sniper system performance.

Scheduled webinars will also be conducted by Price and Chad so you can hear directly from the traders on how Options Sniper is doing and what to expect in the future.

Price is not allowed to have input into the trade after the recommendation other than normal posts … Chad will do it all. This way it will give the real feel as to how the trading actually works. If the system proves to be successful Chad will keep 50% of the profits from the funded trading account.

"I am very confident that Options Sniper will help active options traders capitalize on the rapid-fire movements in today’s volatile markets" said Price Headley, founder and CEO of BigTrends and creator of Options Sniper. Headley went on to say "Options Sniper is the latest innovation in options trading through the Sniper challenge we will prove that any trader can achieve their dreams and goals of market mastery through my new service, Options Sniper."
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