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Published: Fri Jul 08 2005

Bangkok, July 5, 2005 – Mattel, Inc., the worldwide leader in the design, manufacturing and marketing of toys, announced today that they will ramp up their marketing of Hot Wheels, one of their leading product ranges for boys, in Thailand.

Hot Wheels which are famous for their World of Cars, Tracks and Playsets will launch the 2005 Hot Wheels 1:64 Scale Die Cast Car Collection. This collection features over 100 new cars, including the 2005 First editions. Every year a new collection is introduced and this remains the highlight of the Hot Wheels line.

Another exciting product line by Mattel is the Hot Wheels tracksets which are the epitome of fast and furious racing action. Each trackset embodies the brand promise of speed, power and performance, for the ultimate experience in track-racing. Hot Wheels themed playsets are designed to offer a world of excitement, fun and imaginative play. Each playset offers a whole new experience. Some of the products available are: Hot Wheels Super Smash Overpass Track Set and the Hot Wheels Crashin Transport.

The Hot Wheels Scorpio Sting, is one of Mattel’s latest and most popular toys among today’s boys. The Scorpio Sting requires speed and timing to avoid facing destruction of a deadly creature. These tracksets with their various racing and stunt challenges bring to life the speed, power and performance of the Hot Wheels brand.

As of today, more than two billion Hot Wheels cars have been produced since 1968, in more than 11,000 variations. These cars have been entertaining more than 15 million boys globally, aged three to 10. Forty-one million adults have grown-up "driving" Hot Wheels cars.

"We are now in an excellent position to deliver the excitement and speed of the Hot Wheels product range to Thai boys so that they have the full opportunity to experience the power, performance and thrills of Hot Wheels," said Sony Ong, Brand Manager, Mattel Southeast Asia.

HOT WHEELS Performance Tracks
Three bold trackset designs that feature daredevil feats of extreme speed, super stunt action and a medley of all the thrills and spills. Uniquely themed, these tracksets are focused on racing and each individual trackset features a distinct performance challenge. The Hot Wheels G-Force Track Set offers the ultimate track challenge featuring all-out speed with stunts, while the Hot Wheels Super Smash Overpass Track Set has three different configurations for endless action adventure. The third and final performance track set is the Hot Wheels Crashin Transport Track Set. Each of these tracksets is sold separately at the recommended retail price of THB 695, and each set comes with a 1:64 Hot Wheels die cast car.

HOT WHEELS Starter Set
Lets kids launch their Hot Wheels cars for high-speed racing on a wild, upside-down loop track! The motorized booster offers thrilling high-speed racing. The upside-down loop and curve design take kids on a wild, heart-pounding ride. The pass or crash intersection adds to the excitement. Kids control the action, adding more and more cars to the chaos until collide and fly off the track! Comes with one exclusively decorated Hot Wheels car. Retailing at THB 945.

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