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From: Swipe It Technology
Published: Mon Jan 15 2007

Through the new website, merchants can further increase gift and loyalty card sales by shopping for both custom designed or standard in-store advertisements and displays, like wall posters, large display cards, table tents, window signs, inserts, and other signage. They even offer a wide assortment of paper card carriers and unique, non-traditional card carriers —like velvet pouches, Teddy bears, and holiday themed carriers. All these features and services can be customized and attained through www.swipeit.com.

"Our revamped Web site gives merchants a number of online tools to get a gift card or loyalty program started quickly, but it also provides invaluable services to those merchants who already are running their own gift and loyalty programs." said Laurence Rubin, president of Swipe It Technology. "The site is easy to navigate so you can find what you want quickly. For those merchants who already have a program, we have created a superstore for them to shop so that they can easily increase their gift card sales. Whether you’re looking for card printing, in-store displays, terminals or paper, this site is designed to be the one place you need to shop. Let’s face it, most small to mid-size merchants don’t have the time or resources to take care of the complexities of these programs; our job is to keep it simple so they can concentrate on making money."

The new Web site also features a reseller program that enables merchants to sell their gift cards online directly through Swipe It’s "Shop for Gift Cards" page. From this page, shoppers can purchase gift cards from local merchants by simply entering the zip code, city or state or category, occasion, or the name of the particular venue. Plus gift givers now have the option of purchasing a gift card with a supplementary gift such as a plush doll card carrier, metal tin card carrier or chocolate card carrier to create a totally unique gift within a gift!

"Making things easier and more convenient—for the giver, recipient, and merchant—is what the entire gift card concept is all about," said Rubin. "With the capabilities of our new Web site, we’ve essentially created a vehicle for the smaller merchant to compete with the corporate giants. All it takes is a small investment and one phone call to enter into the growing 82+ billion dollar gift card market."

In addition to all the new products being offered at swipeit.com, Swipe It is still offering cost effective packages starting as low as $299 for merchants looking to implement a new gift or loyalty program. For additional information concerning gift card or loyalty programs please visit the company Web site at www.swipeit.com or call (888) 794-7348.

About Swipe It Technology

Based in Sharon, Massachusetts, Swipe It Technology has been involved in the stored value arena since 1998. Currently, Swipe It works with more than 2000 merchants across the country helping them to develop stored value products and services. These services enable them to sell and redeem gift cards or track customers purchases and spending utilizing a customer loyalty program. Through use of debit card technology, Swipe It serves gift and loyalty card clients in a wide range of industries, including gift shops, restaurants, professional sports, automotive, picture framing, party supply, universal programs, salons, and retailers.

Company: Swipe It Technology
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