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Published: Sat Jul 09 2005

Sofia, Bulgaria, July 09, 2005 MEDIA SYSTEMS is proud to announce the release of the new Personal Securer 3.0 concept on its site WWW.SECURER.INFO. The Personal Securer 3.00 version combines the successful Personal Securer 2.0 concept design with the latest GPS technology and with extended capabilities for wireless connectivity including GPRS. The embedded field approved, state-of-the-art 20 channels, SiRFStar III GPS core represents the first major enhancement of the Personal Securer device.This new core technology offers more than 200,000 correlators used for processing digital signals and enables extremely fast and deep GPS signal search capabilities. In this way by acquiring signals down to -159 dBm Time-To-First-Fix is lowered to only seconds.

All this gives amazing results in Personal Securer device movement between high buildings or in indoor or outdoor environments with lower satellite reception. The result is an overall significant improvement of the Personal Securer 3.00 GPS performance, rating the device as a higher standard tracking and positioning one for personal and asset safety.

The Personal Securer device introduces a new concept in personal security standards through specific innovative design, reliability and software architecture. Without detracting from technical parameters, Media Systems would like to give you a new perspective on GSM/GPRS/GPS security, highlighting original design and freedom for development and adaptation.

The DESIGN of Personal Securer 3.00 is developed so as to make it easier for the user to locate the PANIC button in any stressful situation whatsoever, no matter how the person has grabbed in his hands the Personal Securer device – with left or right hand, whether it is in your pocket or in a case on your belt. PANIC BUTTON activates the in-built 90 Db ALARM SIREN, and you cannot by any means mistake or miss this button which can be accessed even when device is in its leather case. The Personal Securer Call buttons can be programmed with two pre-defined numbers for setting up VOICE CONNECTION or for sending SMS.

Due to its design, when holding the Personal Securer in your hand, the antenna cannot be screened. Personal Securer is designed in such a way that the antenna almost always points up to the sky, where the satellites are – the risk of LOSING A SIGNAL is minimized so that your last valid GPS coordinates can always be established.

The GSM unit is tri-banded (900/1800/1900) with GPRS Class B, multi slot class 10 support, thus allowing the Personal Securer to operate on all continents. USB interface allows the Personal Securer battery to be directly charged via computer, at home or place of work, as well as local update of the device firmware. Personal securer unit provides its owner with original additional options – when connected to a computer, it can be used as GSM/GPRS modem for surfing in Internet or as GPS receiver including for navigation in your personal car. It is equipped with a Li-Ion battery for 24 h non-stop work (accomplished with utilization of some of the supported power management modes). Further the Personal Securer 3.00 contains an extended standard embedded application that enables GPRS connectivity via TCP/IP protocol for exchanging data between the Personal Securer and a service centre in real time on given time intervals or on demand.

Mechanical and ergonomic features include small size factor and reinforced ABS case and rubber holders. Personal Securer device is therefore shock resistant.

A unique feature of Personal Securer device is that it has a fully functional eCos-based real-time operating system. This makes adapting the Personal Securer to already existing security and tracking systems, call-centers, etc., extremely easy. Mobile operators or system integrators can add extra software functions, make whatever changes or remove such functions with the help of the Personal Securer System Integration Kit, Software Development Kit or the complete Starter Kit. Last but not least system partners that use the Personal Securer 3.00 as an open hardware platform to develop their own custom software application will enjoy an optimised system firmware code that offers them 20% additional memory space. The new concept offers a more comfortable way for software update and configuration using the USB port of the device only. The software upload can be done from a Personal Securer interface or any terminal software via a boot loader loaded into the Personal Securer. Configuration of the Personal Securer device can be accomplished both remotely via SMS, DATA or GPRS, and locally via native USB interface.

All features integrated in Personal Securer 2.00 are supplemented with the following main new features implemented in Personal Securer 3.00:

- New GPS Receiver - SiRF Star III chipset, availability for 20 channels, more than 200,000 correlators used for processing digital signals, extremely fast and deep GPS signal search capabilities, achieving time-to-first-fix in only seconds by acquiring signals down to –159 dBm.
hot start (open sky): < 1 sec., average;
hot start (15 dB-Hz): < 18 sec., average;
cold start (30 dB-Hz): < 42 sec., average

- A genuine PPP GPRS which via TCP/IP protocol sends data from the Personal Securer to a service center at a real time on given time intervals or on demand

- The update of the firmware can be configured now only via USB connection – it is not necessary the use of a service kit for reinstallation of the software. The loading can be done from a securer interface or any terminal software via a boot loader loaded in the Personal Securer.

Personal Securer 3.00 comes in an original luxury box for direct sale with a full set of accessories. The desk adapter allows easy battery charging. For greater convenience, the set of accessories includes a hand strap and unique leather case fully matching the shape of the device.

Orders for Personal Securer 3.00 version are already been accepted. For full commercial information please contact our Sales Executive Manager at

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