New York’s Newest Film Festival Now Accepting Submissions

In the shadow of 9/11's fifth year anniversary, The ACE Film Festival was born. It is becoming increasingly important to instill patriotism and pride in every aspect of this country's culture and among the current state of politics, the arts are often overlooked. Deep beneath the global reach of Hollywood, lies an underground world of talented American filmmakers and video artists. The ACE Film Festival is dedicated to bringing them together for an annual celebration of their work.

[ClickPress, Wed Jan 17 2007] Organized by American Cinematic Experience LLC, this year's event is set to take place August 24-26, 2007 at The Broad Street Ballroom in Downtown Manhattan. Previously utilized as the national headquarters for Bank of America, this venue offers a truly unique and worthy forum for The ACE Film Festival. Two floors of this grandiose building will be completely converted for the guests' viewing, networking and entertainment pleasure. The programming will span three days and feature the best hands in American filmmaking to a full house of fellow filmmakers, independent cinema fans and industry professionals. The festival is sure to promote tourism to this most sensitive area of New York.

The ACE Film Festival is accepting film and video submissions from January 22-March 15, 2007. Discounted student submission fees have been implemented to encourage the creative process in our country's youth. The only criteria in effect will be that the pieces were made here in The United States. Each and every selected piece will have the opportunity to post teasers, clips and artwork on the ACE Fest website. This is a promotional outlet that very few other festivals free of additional charge.

"Being aware of international media art is a positive thing. It's when we forget about the important works made right here in The United States that becomes an issue." -Tom O'Malley, Programming Director

Visual art, particularly time-based media such as film, is one of the most provocative and effective ways to reach a mass audience with your message. Being such a crucial time for expression and influence, The ACE Film Festival intends to ensure these messages are heard. The programming of the festival will not necessarily be skewed with political films, either. It's much bigger than that. It's about showing the world what we're made of. The lineup will include everything from comedies to shorts to music videos. This country is full of talented artists of all kinds and it's easy to get lost among the international programs of most film festivals.

The ACE Film Festival has an impressive roster of judges for the 2007 entries including accomplished screenwriters, filmmakers, actors and critics. Awards will be given for best work in each category as determined by the panel. There is no doubt that The ACE Film Festival is shaping up to be one of America's foremost events on the industry calendar and they invite you all to be a part of this one of a kind experience. ACE Film Festival is proud to donate a portion of all ticket proceeds to benefit the New York Foundation for the Arts. Please visit for more information.

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