Advanced file manager for advanced computer users, software developers and IT professionals.

From: Softplicity
Published: Mon Jul 11 2005

Advanced file manager for advanced computer users, software developers and IT professionals.
WinFrigate is a new breed of file managers that is more of a command center, rather then a simple "file copying and renaming automation utility".

The first important distinction is that it comes with functional modules that can be plugged in or disabled. In particular, the program has built-in file viewers (DBF, RTF, HTML, DOC, Excel, Hex), smart assistant utilities (TreeNotes, StartUp Manager, Calculator, SmartPad, Directory Size Manager), file navigation options (Favorites, Bookmarks, Quick View), mp3 tag editor, image viewer and editor, and internal compression agent (Zip, Arj, Rar, Ace, Jar, Ha, Lha and four other formats). This newer, updated version now features option to view psd, pds and Access files, CD-burner plug-in, Memo/Image field editor for DBF files and a few other performance enhancements.

The program features own text editor with syntax support for most popular programming and scripting languages, like C, C++, Perl, Java, Pascal, VBScript, Bat, HTML, XML and others. Plus, there is a method navigator feature that can instantly find a desired function or procedure. Other developer-friendly options are HTML support system and export in HTML and RTF with color highlighting.

There also are a built-in FTP client, network support, file/folder synchronization options, task scheduler, image converter, file search engine, offline browser, recent file actions history feature and much more. And yes, there are multiple automation and batch processing options for common file operations (copying, moving, deleting, re-naming), including an option to schedule them.

Best of all, the program features a clean and simple interface, free of any extraneous features. The plug-in module program architecture allows users to have access to a wealth of file managing options, without cluttering their computer screen with countless windows. To access a module, users only have to click an appropriate tab. All windows can be minimized. And while the program targets advanced computer users, the learning curve for it is rather low.

WinFrigate is distributed electronically over the Internet; free demo version is available at for evaluation.
The price of a single copy is 24.50 US Dollars for the regular version and 39.90 for the WinFrigate Professional.

Helmsman is a small independent software developing company specializing in corporate and consumer oriented file management products. The company was founded in 1997 and is well known among the industry professionals for its flagship product WinFrigate.

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