Introducing The Cat2 Technology - Saving Your Park Home From Rust

From: Park Home Protection
Published: Mon Aug 09 2010

If you own a static caravan or park home, especially one by the sea, then you may or may not know that rust can be a major problem in the future for your holiday or permanent home so you need to act quickly and now.

Luckily, Park Home Protection ( ) has the ultimate solution in the CAT 2, which has a proven track record of success with client testimonials to back this up. Imagine having to repair a major rust problem every couple of years, which can be costly and inconvenient or you can simply get the CAT 2 installed and you will never have to worry about rust being a problem.

So, how does this amazing piece of technology work?

The CAT 2 Electronic rust protection system can also be used on static structures such as Park home Caravans. Heavy duty units, either singly or as multiples, ( ) powered by a Watson 3a power supply will protect painted caravan chassis and extend the life of the Galvanised chassis.

In practical terms the CAT 2 Electronic rust protection system reduces the progression of new rust by at least 80% as well as stabilising existing rust by the same factor. It protects 95% of the sheet metal in the vehicle body.

Ongoing trials have demonstrated the effectiveness of the CAT 2 System in this application.

The CAT 2 Electronic Rust protection System is not magic. It is based on good science and has been evaluated by the highly regarded Mr Donald Harrison, ( ) who is an eminent Physicist, a member of the Institute of Electrical Engineers and a chartered Engineer.

After evaluating all the evidence he concluded that the CAT 2 ( ) System was effective extending the life expectancy of exposed metal by a factor of four. Most vehicles already have an extended life due to paint protection; THE CAT 2 WILL EXTEND THIS FOURFOLD.

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