Deschamps recovers Airbus A380 contract

From: Ets. A.DESCHAMPS & Fils
Published: Tue Jul 12 2005

With substantial experience in technical textiles, Deschamps (ISO 9001 certified; environmental certification ISO 14001 pending) has developed a recovery kit with new accessories for the new Airbus A380. This new kit benefits from the company's own technology already used in previous products. Created by Deschamps, the new MOBI-MAT is a road surface designed to provide temporary access on unstable, muddy, snowy or sandy ground. The patented surface is manufactured as a three-dimensional polyester structure, combined with the new lifting bags (DARC) and the BASE to form a high-performance aircraft-recovery kit.

MOBI-MAT, supplied in rolls, is easy to use. The lightest solution on the market at a maximum of 6kg/m2, it is durable, re-usable, tear-resistant and can withstand extreme weather conditions. Carbon-reinforced bars give it an excellent load-bearing capacity. It is impervious to kerosene, Skydrol, F54 or bad weather conditions and requires no maintenance. Easily installed with simple, purpose-designed tools, it is air transportable by aircraft palettes.

Two versions of MOBI-MAT are available, the Tow-mat (in various dimensions matching different landing-gear footprints), to tow an aircraft back to the runway, and the Quick-access, 4.20m wide, providing rapid access to an aircraft by any heavy vehicle (fire engine, maintenance truck).
The DARC range of lifting bags is manufactured using a synthetic rubber-coated technical textile vulcanised in an autoclave at 140°C (no glue is used). This unique manufacturing technique ensures an homogeneous product endowed with high mechanical strength (bursting point is six bars versus two bars for competing cold-vulcanised or glued products). There is no delaminating risk since the manufacturing method prevents the infiltration of water, dust, mud, and so on. DARC has excellent weather resistance and is chemically compatible with substances in the environment. Its intrinsic qualities ensure a long useful life. Finally, its unique red colour makes it easily identifiable.
These two products are complemented by the DARC BASE, a unique concept for gaining height. Quickly installed and compatible with all types of lifting bags available on the market, it is more stable and safer than beams and wooden palettes (it can be tethered to the ground by means of a skirt, webbing and stakes). DARC BASE allows a professional approach to aircraft recovery.

About Deschamps

Based in south-west France, Deschamps designs, manufactures and distributes MOBI-MAT, DARC and DARC BASE. The company will be present at the Inter Airport Exhibition in Munich from 11 to 14 October 2005 (stand B110).
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