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Published: Mon Jan 22 2007

Business Training Russia (BTR), one of Russia’s leading short-term business education and training companies, has formed a partnership with Trainer1, one of the UK’s leading learning consultancies. Trainer1’s Neil Lasher will be supplying expertise in designing and developing e-learning materials, while BTR supplies the subject matter knowledge and localisation needed to produce market-leading e-learning materials for BTR clients in the Russian market.

Lasher returns to Moscow in early February to continue work with BTR staff on how to design and deliver successful e-learning materials.

"BTR has an excellent reputation with its clients, which include Audi, Bacardi, Sony, Volvo, L’Oreal, IKEA and Diageo. Partnership with Trainer1 will add the experience and expertise to develop the e-learning materials that the Russian corporate sector is beginning to demand," Lasher observed.

"BTR, which is at the forefront of the corporate training scene in Russia, has experienced growth in demand for blended rather than purely classroom-delivered learning," he added.

"Consequently, BTR initially approached Trainer1 to help it to build a strategic plan to develop its blended learning offering. This has now been extended so that Trainer1 is helping BTR to develop the capability to produce and deliver e-learning materials and partnering with BTR to bring the expertise in designing and developing content.

"We will be concentrating on helping BTR to develop e-learning materials that deal with soft skills rather than basic, knowledge-based e-learning," said Lasher. "BTR is adamant that it does not want to have to rely on generic e-learning materials and so wants to develop its own e-learning materials using the training expertise it has as well as the training materials that it has already designed for use with its clients.

"In its work, Trainer1 specialises in helping organisations to become self-sufficient in designing and developing e-learning materials," Lasher said. "We are now providing the benefit of our many years’ experience partnering with BTR staff to do the same. We are all looking forward to a long and fruitful partnership."

Under the terms of the partnership deal, Trainer1 will be working with BTR to help it build a new market position, as well as transfer the knowledge and skills required to recruit and train suitable staff, including instructional designers and training development staff.


Notes for Editors:

About Business Training Russia

Business Training Russia is one of the leading short-term business education and training companies in Russia.

The company was founded in 1999 by a famous Russian business trainer, Vladimir Soloviev.

Business Training Russia focuses on five core strategic business education areas: Management, Sales and Marketing, Business Simulation Games, Team Building, and HR consulting in the area of staff assessment and development. The company’s product pipeline includes the wide variety of training programmes aimed at improvement for all occupations at all corporate levels.

About Trainer1

Trainer1 is one of the UK’s leading independent e-learning specialists, creating sophisticated courseware for learning. It works in a number of areas including:
• Creating custom-built e-learning solutions
• Supplying e-learning training and consultancy to make clients self-sufficient in servicing their e-learning needs – especially in terms of embedded and workflow learning
• Operating as a ‘tools warehouse’ for tools used by Trainer1’s clients

Trainer1 has lengthy experience in computer delivered learning. In particular, Trainer1 develops, supplies and supports:
• Authoring tools - for the creation of content, meeting all common standards.
• Learning and Knowledge Management tools - for the management and distribution of content, including accreditation and reporting of data within existing databases.
• Delivery systems for workflow learning - CSL™.
• Tools and libraries to create multimedia content, including image editors, easy to use Flash production tools, libraries of sound, graphics and animation.
• Specialised training events to assist trainers and instructional designers to become self sufficient in e-learning design and production.
• Development services in the creation and maintenance of learning content.

Trainer1’s client list includes international major corporations such as ABN AMRO, Kraft Foods, Deutsche Post (DHL) and Mitsubishi Corporation, along with clients including DCLG (formerly the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister) in the UK, the Department for International Development, and the UK’s Royal Hospital for Neuro-Disability, along with many municipal authorities.

Trainer1 is privately owned and remains a small, friendly company providing high quality product combined with personal service to Blue Chip Companies, as well as small and medium sized enterprises. Trainer1 is a member of many e-learning organisations, and Neil Lasher, of Trainer1 is a committee member of the eLN and President (from 2006) of the Global Network of ASTD UK. He also works with standards bodies to ensure technology is meeting the needs of users worldwide, as well as the guidelines determined by the governing groups in the e-learning industry.

Further information from:
Neil Lasher, Trainer1, 00 44 (0) 20 7264 4844;
Bob Little, Bob Little Press & PR, 00 44 (0) 1727 860405

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