1001 Restaurant Secrets for Creative Everyday Cooking

New cookbook reveals creative, money-saving restaurant secrets that work at home. (Today's consumers deserve more value and pleasure for their food dollar!

[ClickPress, Tue Jan 23 2007] Mike Hayden, cook and author, announced today that he has recently released a new version of his kitchen manual called, "The Handbook of Hassle-Free Homecookin'." The handbook teaches restaurant tips and techniques you can use at home for cooking and preparing food, conserving nutritive values, serving and entertaining, cooking cautions, and more. As an introductory promotion, he has made his 344-page book downloadable from the Internet for under $5.

Author Mike Hayden who also publishes a blog based on the book says, "Most recipe books tell you what to cook but very little about the basics of how to cook and manage a kitchen. People have always served food in social gatherings, from small intimate dinners to large holiday feasts. You know what I'm talking about - family gatherings, Sunday brunch, anniversary dinners, intimate midnight snacks... At these times, you want feelings of warmth, love and closeness. With just a few simple touches, you can make your meals radiate new warmth and love."

The book covers details without using gourmet jargon. Topics include how to take inventory of kitchen utensils, how to make cheaper cuts of meat tender and delicious, how to cook perfect eggs, 5 quick ways to make terrific sauces, how to put 'adventure' on your dining table, 6 simple rules for brewing fantastic coffee, 10 delicious ways to prepare vegetables, taking the mystery out of food labels, the dangers of overcooking and under cooking, how to store food properly for safety, etc.

The handbook discuss some controversial subjects, such as dietary fats, cholesterol, heart disease, genetically engineered foods, additives, etc., so people can make informed decisions.

The Handbook of Hassle-Free Homecookin' is 8.5" x 11" kitchen manual with 344 pages, 17 chapters, fully indexed with book marks, 12-point type, with plenty of room for handwritten notes.

Mike Hayden writes about cooking based on his restaurant experience and publishes his techniques in a free blog entitled, "Handbook of Hassle-Free Homecookin' " at http://www.SeniorManagementServices.com/hhhblog/
Other helpful information regarding the book can be found at: http://www.SeniorManagementServices.com/hhh.html

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