New Zealand Band Ross Royce Rock the Famous Whiskey a Gogo

Published: Sat Aug 14 2010

New Zealand band Ross Royce performed a blistering set at the famous "Whiskey a gogo" in L.A last Saturday night to fans and key U.S music industry people.

Led by singer/songwriter/frontman Ross Nicholson the band opened the set with the pumping 'Life Worth Living' off their debut album of the same name and kept up the pace with a new song 'Sky is Calling' off their new mini-album 'The New Global Cool'. With a set that ebbed and flowed between the crazy screams of lead singer Ross Nicholson to the powerhouse drums of blond female drummer Ingrid Martini and ably backed by 20 year old guitar wizz Ripley Smith and 20 year old bass man Jacob Tiddy the band kicked out an array of dazzling songs to a captivated audience. Not bad for a band formed a year ago that have already started to receive extensive airplay on a number of key indie radio and college radio stations across the U.S as well as indie radio stations World wide.

There has already been a certain buzz building about this band from downunder and this night belonged to them. The band are expected to return to the U.S early next year on the back of an increasing fanbase and solid airplay. Ross Royce Rock.

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