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Published: Sat Aug 14 2010

As summer goes into its final month, high school students are getting ready for the challenges of the new school year. For rising juniors, it will be a year full of advanced classes intertwined with a busy schedule of extracurricular activities. For rising seniors, it is the time to reflect upon the last few years and brainstorm that perfect college admissions essay. Soon things will become overwhelmingly complex, and students might feel that they lack the resources to carefully consider all the options.

Planning and preparing for college applications can be the most exciting yet stressful experience of your teenage years. From achieving high scores on college admissions exams, to keeping up with top grades in advanced classes, to balancing extracurricular activities, students are put under the pressure that every detail counts and often lose sight of the big picture. College admission is more of a matching process where universities attract students with academic and cultural interests that align with the school’s educational philosophies. Students perform the best when working with the right people under the right guidance.

Sunny Choice (www.sunnychoice.com), a private educational service based in the Greater Los Angeles region, empowers students to achieve higher goals by providing one-on-one guidance to students throughout their four years in high school. Sunny Choice helps students achieve one step at a time and advance to the top of the competition by doing what they truly enjoy. Sunny Choice helps students find the schools that fit them best and devise a plan that involves careful evaluation to the last bit detail. Within today’s highly competitive environment, it is often those subtle decisions on college applications that determine which pile your application would be sorted to. There is no doubt that many students carry a profile as impressive as yours, but it is the strategies that would help you stand out among others.

Sunny Choice (www.sunnychoice.com) offers a variety of services to help students maximize opportunities for the rest of their life, including: evaluation of academic, extracurricular, and personal profile; formulating a "brag sheet" and resume; assistance with recommendation letters; guidance on college essays; and counseling on application strategies. This is only a sample of the most popular services. With Sunny Choice, there is simply no limit on how much the students can ask for.

Best of all, Sunny Choice does not implement the traditional educational consultation pricing model where the consultant charges differently for different level of service. Sunny Choice guarantees the highest quality and most complete package of services to all our students. In addition, we strongly believe that students learn the best from asking questions. The more questions they raise, the better informed they become. Sunny Choice does not charge for additional assistance.

Sunny Choice is truly dedicated to the success of today’s youth regardless of their academic and social background, and would like to establish lasting friendship with students and parents. Check it out at www.sunnychoice.com.
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