Tino Productions Reduces Prices In Response To Troubled Economy

From: Tino Productions
Published: Sun Aug 15 2010

The Orange County wedding band known as Tino Productions is proud to announce that they have recently reduced the prices of their services to both remain competitive in a troubled economy and in an effort to meet the economic needs of those whom they serve. Though the prices of their services have been reduced clients and those who seek to hire Tino productions needn't worry about the quality of the services as the level of quality everyone has come to expect from the Orange County wedding band remains the same and as high as it has ever been.

Founder of the Orange County wedding band Tino Macchia had this to say about the reduction of prices on his services. "These difficult economic times have shown us all that were all in this together in that we should be working with one another in order to keep all services and products affordable and readily available to those who need them. It is my hope that this reduction in price will allow individuals who were once apprehensive about our services to price to reconsider their position and give us a second look." Tino also stated "regardless of what we charge for our services past clients and those who might be considering hiring us for their wedding can take comfort in knowing that we're still the most versatile and celebrated band on the West Coast and that, that is never going to change."

The reduction in price for Tino Productions' services will undoubtedly be a hot topic among those looking for Orange County wedding band and those who have hired the band before. It will also likely draw in many new clients who may have been waiting on the sidelines for such a price reduction due to difficult economic circumstances. If you're one such couple or individual now's the time to act contact Tino Productions today!
Company: Tino Productions
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