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From: Watchmad
Published: Mon Aug 16 2010

The brand that had early beginnings in Belgium back in 2007 has seen a massively successful few years pass by and are now heading into the late part of 2010 with a stunning selection of new watches and existing popular ranges still selling well at

Ice-Watch ( ) have positioned themselves in the market as a low priced watch that still maintains superior quality, durability and fashion icon status amongst the watch wearing world, with its success unrivalled throughout the industry. It is rare to see a newly established brand that has achieved such high sales and success rates in such a short space of time, Ice-Watch ( ) has really revolutionised the market by introducing such nice watches at such low prices.

WatchMad ( ), an authorised stockist of these Unisex Ice Watches have a massive range on offer, including highlights like:

Ice-Watch Unisex - Dark Green Silicone SI-DG-U-S

Ice-Watch Unisex - Neon Green NE-GN-U-P

Ice-Watch Unisex - Khaki Silicone SI-KA-U-S

Ice-Watch Unisex - Clear CL-OE-U-P

Ice-Watch Unisex - Warm Red Silicone SI-WR-U-S

But the colours do not stop there. You will find the brightest of pinks and the darkest of blacks on the website, ( ) with the Ice-Watch brand featuring more colours than a rainbow after a stormy weather moment. If you can not decide on a colour that suits you the most, then why not buy two as these watches will simply go with any outfit you choose to wear, from a day at the beach to an evening in a restaurant, this brand caters for all!

You can find the range of Ice Watches on the WatchMad website ( ) or at any of their Jewellery stores throughout the South West and South Wales, including Ross On Wye, Cheltenham and Monmouth. With FREE Delivery on every single order on WatchMad, the watch arrives to you with the time set and date correct, meaning once its out of the box it can go straight onto you wrist.

Call them now on 01989 565526 Or visit the stunning Ice Watches section on their website -

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